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Tim Webb has been immersed in music since childhood. Whether it was his father strumming a ukulele or autoharp, his older brothers’ guitars/amps/drums set up in the living room during the 60’s, or a piano always present in their rural midwestern home, music remains a Webb family tradition.

Tim was a tuba major studying music theory in college. But his calling came when an electronic music composition/recording course became available at school, along with a stint at the local rock-n-roll music store, followed by a chance to hit the road playing the Blues as "Spider" Webb, a much less-traditional path into the music world.

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Always a self-taught drummer, being in a band instilled a passion that inspires Tim’s artistry, reaching down into one’s soul, first as a performer and now as a composer.

Tin Can Music is a culmination of Tim’s life as a musician on the road, in the studio, in live venues, and on tours abroad, leading to the creation of original music laced with ambient sounds of nature and rails along Route 66.

The pandemic presented unprecedented challenge, nonetheless opening new creative opportunities in our virtual world, encouraging all of us to “march to the beat of a different drummer,” a.k.a. Tim "Spider" Webb!

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