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2022 Re-view, 2023 To-Do

Looking back on last year, and looking forward to the New Year, I decided to do a nutshell recap in my new "Blues & News" VLOG post.

To start the New Year I decided to go back to my roots and start using my stage name, Tim "Spider" Webb again. Nearly four decades ago, I hooked up with Billy Seward and Tom Moore in Muncie, IN, and we started a Chicago Blues band called Professor Oak & the Hurricanes. Billy was Professor Oak, Tommy was Mombasa Del Rey, and I was dubbed "Spider." The rest is history... and I'm glad to still be here to reflect and continue to bring you some news.

Last year I won two filmmaker awards for my documentary "Historic Railroad Town." One was from Mohave County Community College Film Festival, and the other was from Vegas Movie Awards. I plan to keep up, and hopefully step up my video production along with my new songs.

2022 was also the successful release of my album "66 Ways to Roadtrip." I already have several songs in the can, and working on more songs/videos for the release of another Route 66-themed album along the lines of "Blues Cruise" (TBD). I'm hoping to collaborate with some of my old bandmates on a few songs. In addition to shifting back to my stage name, I've already freshened up the TinCanMusic.Studio website. SO STAY TUNED IN 2023.

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18 de jan. de 2023

Amazing Tim!!

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