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All Aboard, it's Tin Can Tuesday!

Many early TinCanMusic songs originated as spoken/audio pieces which blended newly recorded train sounds with blues-rock instruments, reciting words inspired by the heart strings of a true love story about a wonderful woman from your hometown, having dated in college 40+ years ago, reconnecting and magically having those heart seeds sprout again.

For the website I preserved many of these instrumentals sans the lyrics making them available to license. “Historic Railroad Town” takes you on a train ride through a vintage western movie set. I’ll share the lyrics below:

“Having spent quality time, and finding my dearest treasure in the historic railroad town of Kingman, AZ, I have grown to respect the 100 or so trains that pass through here each day.

Creativity, inspired by the intense sounds of wheels against the tracks, the push-pull tug of a double decker, a panoramic kite-tail threading the horizon, and a fond connection from the past.

The dignity of the rails, the cars, and the section hands, all respecting the isolation of train engineers who navigate our native network of steel. Timely blowing their horn… oblivious to the insecurities of the crazy world they dissect every day and night.”

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