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Artist's Perspective - Cinco de Mayo 2021

Growing up I thought I wanted to be an artist. I dabbled in art at home, in school, and in church..

Then my siblings showed me another path to art through music. I played a band instrument at school, taught myself how to play drums at home, and studied music theory in college.

My parents provided a down-to-earth upbringing, subliminally showing me how to stay grounded as life comes at me from all angles.

So here I am today, having seen the world through my lens, having lived on the road playing music, having performed with some 35 different musical artists, and now having turned a global pandemic setback into another artistic musical endeavor.

*Did I mention the grower in me? This is the year the greenhouse was built and the orchard trees were planted. Stay tuned for a new piece in the works, “John.E.Appleseed!”

Breaking in those Premier "Blood Sweat & Tears" drums!
WITHERSPOON Band in High School

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