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"Going Up!" getting rave reviews!

My single release "Going Up!" featuring Billy Seward on guitar is getting a lot of positive reviews from music curators around the world. Here are a few:

Hello Timothy W. Webb, thank you for sharing your song with us. We have added it to our playlist 'The best music of the week' and shared it on our social media and with our team as well. Wow! When a song is good, played with organic instruments, and they sound just like in your song, nothing else is needed. An instrumental song, pure blues. Exquisite production. It's a pleasure to listen to songs like this. Congratulations! Cheers!

Hi Tim, how are you?

"Going Up!" is a rhythm machine guided by the tireless beating of the drummer, a piano sprinkling notes in a field of melodies up to some congas!!! ...and on top of this sonorous marvel, a guitar displaying the magic of the Blues!!!! IT IS A MUST TO PUT THIS TRACK ON OUR PLAYLIST AND SPREAD IT TO THE REST OF EUROPE AND THE WORLD!!!!

A really interesting melodic piece with an eclectic style drawn from many influences.

Hey there, absolutely love the vibe of your record, the instruments work really well together and are mixed well.

Hey Timothy! Just listened to your track... sounds awesome!!!

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