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It's Tin Can Tuesday. Let's take a train!

If you’ve ever spent any time in downtown Kingman AZ, you’ll know what its like to hear some of the 100 trains that pass through town each day. The ambient sound is a backdrop to the history of the railroad, Route 66, Andy Devine, and early western miners and pioneers.

This 2020 song, “Desert Retumbo,” paints a scene of ghost-town tumbleweeds rolling across the desert rail. Any project creators working with western, desert, or train themes should consider licensing this or any of the other Tin Can Music works using train sounds.

Despite the ordinance banning train horns inside Kingman city limits, I was able to record train sounds next to the Power House/Route 66 EV Museum and up near Hackberry on Route 66. I must have been channeling Carol King’s ‘Tapestry’ album while laying down the piano part, plus I enjoyed sampling in guitar parts with a hint of Jazz & Country, and trailing out with a 6/8 Latin percussion groove. Enjoy! Your feedback is always welcome.

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