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Lucky You, It's Tin Can Tuesday!

“Good Luck Penny” is an original composition that evolved after I decided to build from this funky Bayou beat. This groove made it simple to lay down a playful piano track, and could easily be licensed for your next production capturing that giddy excitement we’ve all experienced when finding our very first good luck penny or 4-leaf clover. In addition to the Tin Can Music doppler-train stamp, this one begged for acoustic hand claps, a funky clavinet track, and a Latin horn section. Even the ambient email notification at 2:08 feels lucky. Enjoy your Tuesday!

“Knowing that mangled penny was still there for a reason, I asked for it’s forgiveness, and for it to show me a better day. I knew by retrieving it, moving forward this was going to be a better day.” - T.Dbl.Dub.

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