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Tin Can Tuesday, just before Father's Day!

I had mentioned “the grower in me” in a previous Soundbite, and would like to take this opportunity to honor the memory of my father, who as a sixth grade teacher, taught his students how to recognize native birds. He was also composting, gardening, growing a large melon patch and catching his own fish decades before eating home-grown and buying local was taken seriously. For many fellow artists, this last year was a great time to start a greenhouse, grow a garden, or plant new trees in the orchard.

This composition, “John.E.Appleseed” was inspired by the legend of Johnny Appleseed, an American pioneer nurseryman who planted seeds across the country side. He spent his final years near Fort Wayne, IN until he died in 1845, back when time didn’t matter, and news traveled slowly. The organic mix of Bluegrass, Riverdance, and Folk genres make it a great song to license for your next adventurous, spirited, or carefree production.

Eat an Apple and Enjoy!

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