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Tin Can Tacos,

Traveling on the road as a musician, and before I spent years in the restaurant business as a corporate trainer, or in the solar industry as a territory manager for a solar panel manufacturing company, I always dreamed of having a solar-powered taco stand at a tropical beach.

Like many of you, I love Mexican Food so much I could eat it nearly every day! And like some of you, I have solar panels powering my property in Boulder City, NV, home of Hoover Dam which provides regional hydro power near Eldorado Energy Zone, which plays host to thousands of radiant acres for numerous utility-scale solar farms.

I still don’t have the taco stand, but my composition, “Timo’s Taco Truck” would be an excellent music license choice to advertise any of the hundreds-of-thousands of awesome Mexican Food restaurants in the region, or anywhere in the world!

In addition to recording a vendor’s accordion at the AZ/MX border, I enjoyed cooking up my own percussion, keyboards, and frying pan sounds, then sampled in a Mariachi Band on this one. Have fun, and someone pass the salsa please!

Special dedication to my favorite; BC DAM TACOS, who took the authentic taco stand concept and successfully ran with it for over 3 years until they became victim (along with 8 other trucks and trailers) of health district inspectors, leaving them no choice but to close up shop recently.

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