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Why? Because its Tin Can Tuesday!

In “Two Palms Up” I was able to blend my early tuba (bass) playing background and drummer’s appreciation of island rhythms to create this reggae/rock song. With a style similar to The Police, it leaves you waiting for Sting to chime in! Sorry, not this time.. However, I was able to pepper it with marimbas, including African roadside mallet work by world-traveler friend David Hammes. Too many people spent the last year grimacing with two palms up in the air, puzzled by what might happen next. Enter music, with its universal reach and way of bringing on a positive outlook for us humans, helping shed a light on all things good and shirk that pesky negativity. This bold TCM.composition takes you on an adventure out to sea and back, making it a great song to license for your next exhilarating voyage film or dynamic marketing project.

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